Witches of East End song and season premiere
Posted on / July 10, 2014 @ 5:14 am

BONHOM2-If you don’t already know, I have a dream-pop-rock band called Bonhom with Sir. James Coleman and mix-genius, Scott Gibson, you could check our single, “Live For Now” in the SEASON PREMIERE of WITCHES OF EAST END!
Click here to stream the episode, the song hits at 22:48 minutes into the premiere.

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Pre-Order “Pre​-​Game” (a hi​-​fidelity instrumental album by Diwon)
Posted on / July 6, 2014 @ 7:07 am

Before Diwon’s debut record, “New Game” there were the beats and pieces that brought his singles and full album to life. “Pre-Game” is a collection of never before heard instrumentals as Diwon shines a spotlight where his heart really lies, he is a true-school hip-hop head. DJ Booth called Diwon a “beatmaking buzzsmith,” and with the release of his instrumental album “Pre-Game” he keeps the focus on just that taking you into his world of instrumental madness.

The instrumentals are a breakneck journey through the strange loops of his unique artistic process, the instrumentals are variously built from funky-drummer style percussion or bass-heavy West Coast production, laced with everything from crunchy psychedelic guitars to Middle Eastern melisma. It’s the producer as auteur, every track taking you through the emotional space of the artist, like Kanye or Godard.

People talk about hip-hop going “post-regional,” but the Diwon’s instrumentals are post-national. New York kicks and snares meet Turkish melisma against funky basslines and live guitars. This is the music you wish you heard on airplanes.

“Pre-Game” sets the stage for Diwon’s future production. Who can say what that will sound like? It’s a big world, and Diwon is global.


** The full album will be released, August 20th, the one year anniversary of ‘New Game’

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Games That We Play (Thetik Remix)
Posted on / May 31, 2014 @ 1:33 am

This remix just came on at 1am and it def fits the vibe of the moment. This one is by Thetik of my single “Games That We Play” off “New Game”….hope you enjoy it.

The remix is 1 of 300+ Remixes from over 35 countries! The remix contest is hosted by Indaba and prizes sponsored by KMI, Aerial 7, Gobbler and more.
3 Days Left to vote! Check it out at www.indaba.us/gets

GET THE SONG, WATCH THE VIDEO AND GET THE ALBUM at the STORE or www.bancsmedia.com/diwon

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…and we’re live on MTV Iggy right now..
Posted on / April 13, 2014 @ 5:12 am

DREAMS-MTVThis was such a fun song and video to produce. I had a great time with Davis the kid in this video. This kid was the coolest kid his age I have ever met which made it extra hilarious when I got the tweet from MTV that read: “A nerdy kid’s got soul in the new Dreams In Static video for “You’re on Your Own,” featuring @akiebermiss @Diwon http://ow.ly/vwxbx

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Examiner Interview on upcoming album, “resurrecting” rock and hip-hop
Posted on / March 26, 2014 @ 6:32 am

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.08.08 PMMy interview with Dreams in Static in Examiner hit today. Here is what we and they had to say – Dreams in Static is the collaboration between the LA based hip-hop producer Diwon and New York City producer and songwriter Dugans.

The duo will be releasing their soulful new album, ‘Part of the Machine,’ some time in 2014, which features Akie Bermiss on vocals. A departure from the duo’s 2010 debut, ‘Serene Poetic,’ their sound has grown vastly, combining their already skillful mix of steady beats and controlled instrumentals with Bermiss’ soulful vocal for a new and more developed listening experience.

A video for the album’s first single, “You’re On Your Own,” premiered on March 10. The video was produced by Diwon’s Bancs Media and directed by Jonty Fine.

I had the opportunity to correspond with Diwon and Dugans via email to discuss how Dreams in Static came to be, ‘Part of the Machine,’ the “You’re On Your Own” video, and

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Remix Dreams and Win $500 and an Official Release!
Posted on / March 21, 2014 @ 4:31 am

DIS-INDABAThis is my second remix partnership with Indaba Music. This time it’s with my band Dreams in Static’s latest song “You’re On Your Own” ! Enter now to win $500 and an official release! Enter here: http://indaba.us/bxhG

Note: If you haven’t seen the music video “You’re On Your Own”, it premiered on the Wall Street Journal last week and AltSounds described their sound as “John Mayer meets The Rolling Stones with more soul; yes it’s possible.”

Here is what Indaba Music had to say; “If your soul feels full and the blues is penetrating your blood/brain barrier, you may be having Dreams In Static. A collaboration between producers Diwon and Dugans, Dreams In Static weaves the best of Hip Hop, Rock and Soul to create warm sonics and beautiful melodies.

Now, Dreams In Static and Indaba Music want you to remix their new single “You’re On Your Own”, which features Brooklyn based singer Akie Bermiss. Take the stems to this pristine throwback track and make something all on your own.”


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Dreams in Static Video Premiere on Wall Street Journal!
Posted on / March 10, 2014 @ 6:41 pm

DREAMSWSJWith the headline, “Dreams In Static Transcend Heartache In ‘You’re On Your Own’ (Video Premiere)” my latest single with Dreams in Static hits the Wall Street Journal.

Here is what they wrote: Heartache is a common enough theme in music that the hip-hop project Dreams in Static was keen to find a fresh angle for the video for their new single, “You’re on Your Own.” Speakeasy today premieres the resulting clip.

First, though, some background. Dreams in Static is a collaboration between the Los Angeles producer Erez “Diwon” Safar and the guitarist and composer Levi Martinez, known as Dugans, who create a sound they say conjures “the aesthetics of ‘Pulp Fiction’ and Curtis Mayfield.” Diwon and Dugans’ forthcoming album, “Part of the Machine,” features the vocalist Akie Bermiss throughout. (There’s no release date for the LP, though a rep for the duo said it will be out in 2014.)

“You’re on Your Own” is a booming hip-hop/soul track with a robust beat, sweeping hook and vocals with a tinge of raw anguish that make for a wonderfully incongruous video featuring a bespectacled, floppy-haired little boy grappling with his first broken heart.

“He makes a video to express himself, the song is the soundtrack and the video is for his crush Lucy,” Diwon told Speakeasy. “As he shows her that she broke his heart, he starts to get into the song and as it progresses he realizes he is going to be ok, and both the song and video close with a girl jumping into his video and dancing off with him.”

Diwon produced the video for his Bancs Media production company, and Jonty Fine directed the clip. What do you think of the video? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler
Posted on / January 25, 2014 @ 12:41 am

if-on-a-winters-night-a-traveller222Two of my favorite books are Italo Calvino’s ‘If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler’ and Jonathan Safran Foer’s ‘Everything Is Illuminated’, which reminds me very much of Calvino’s novel. Both books switch between two story arcs; Foer’s between himself telling a beautifully written quasi-magical story of the people of Trachimbrod and Alex, his translator, telling his own straightforward/broken english story of searching for Trachimbrod. Calvino’s novel also plays with who the narrator of the novel is, and takes it even further where events are happening to the novel’s reader (i.e. the man narrated as “you” is the same as the “you” who is actually reading).

This song was made with these authors in mind. You could download the song for Free, here OR download the full album here.

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Posted on / November 26, 2013 @ 11:07 pm

It took 3 thousand years, but there is finally a hot hipster hanukkah EP out just in time for the holidays! 

GET THE SONGS NOW – Los Angeles based Producer, Diwon, drops a Chanukah EP with its opening track “Sivivon” that blends Moroccan singing with hip hop and dubstep that sounds like it’s from outer-space. The single, “Sivivon” (The Dreidel Song), features Cobe Jones rapping to the rhythms of Diwon’s synths inspired by traditional Jewish melodies and Yehuda Solomon of Moshav singing this classic Dreidel Chanukah song.

“Gonna Light” blends a high energy dance club feel with chopped and screwed vocals from multilingual hip-hop pioneer, Y-Love, one of the decade’s most dynamic artists and Sarah Aroeste, the international Sephardic Ladino songstress – imagine Spank Rock does the Hava Nagila with a Judeo-Spanish twist. The song is based around “Ma’oz Tzur” (Hebrew: מעוז צור‎), which is a Jewish liturgical poem. It is written in Hebrew, and is sung on the holiday of Chanukah after lighting the festival lights. The name is a reference to the C Hasmonean stronghold of Beth-zur. This Hebrew song is thought to have been written sometime in the 13th century. 

Finally, “Dr. Dreidel” picks up where Diwon’s remix of “Mr. Rogers” left off – a golden age of hip hop sounding beats with a children’s sounding melody, this too features Yiddish players’ club street rapper Kosha Dillz and features Cobe Jones. 

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Bonhom in Vanderpump Rules on Bravo!
Posted on / November 17, 2013 @ 6:52 am

Get ready to check out my band Bonhom in Vanderpump Rules on BRAVO! They will feature 3 of our Songs (“Live for Now” and “Free My Love” which have music videos & singles on iTunes and our as yet unreleased track, “I Swear To You”) in #Episodes 5, 6 and 7 of #Season 2!

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